You are expected to be in control of your firearm at all times. There are three general rules you must always follow, whether loading, unloading, shooting the stage, or just walking around the range.

Do not “Break the 180” degree line. At the start position of each stage, there is an imaginary line that runs parallel and forward from the backstop (berm). This defines the 180 degree line. The muzzle of the shooter’s gun cannot point rearward (back toward the spectators) at any time.

Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. This is why we have safe areas. This is why there is a “180 rule.” This is why we have a rule about “sweeping.” Whenever the muzzle of the gun crosses the shooters body (during the draw, during re-holstering, or during a stage while opening a door), it is called “sweeping” and this is a safety violation.

If you are ever “out of control” of your gun, you have broken a safety violation. Examples are dropping the gun during a course of fire, or having an “accidental discharge” (a round is fired when you did not mean to do so, like during a reload, or at the “load & make ready” command, or while moving from one position to another). Rounds that “leave the range” are ALWAYS unsafe. Most “out of control” violations are the result of sloppy gunhandling. Your finger should NEVER be on the trigger unless you are aiming at a target.