The Range Officer (RO) stands behind the shooter with the timer and gives the shooter permission to “Load and Make Ready”. At this time, the shooter may unholster/unbag the gun and load it.

The starting position is: Standing in box, wrists above shoulders, loaded gun in holster.

Getting Ready

Unless you are shooting .22 where the starting position is “holding the loaded gun at the low-ready”.

The RO then asks the shooter “Are you ready?”. At the shooters nod, the RO says “Standby” and the timer will beep for the shooter to start.

The shooter will then draw the firearm and fire at the plates.


You try to hit each plate at least once and finish by hitting the designated “Stop” plate.

You do that another four times for a total of five runs on each stage.

At the end of the five runs, the RO gives the command to “Unload and show clear”.

The shooter removes the magazine, reverses the slide, and allows the RO to visually inspect the chamber to ensure that it is empty. After the RO verifies that the gun is empty, the shooter will point the firearm to a safe area and pull the trigger to release the hammer. Once the hammer is released, the shooter will put the firearm away.

Show Clear

For a revolver, you empty the cylinders and the RO inspects before you re-holster.

Meanwhile, the scorekeeper tallies up your 4 best times for this stage.

Each “hit” on a plate makes a ‘ding’ and leaves a black smudge.

At the end of each shooter’s 5 runs, there should be five black smudges on each of the five plates.

After the gun is cleared and holstered, we paint the targets for the next shooter.