The field course will test your abilities to move safely around a stage of fire, while opening doors, glancing through windows or around barricades, (oh, yes, and shooting at targets!) while managing to avoid damage to those “No-Shoot” targets. All field courses are scored “Comstock.” This means that there is no fixed penalty for shooting at a target again, if you missed it. You can shoot until your happy with the hits. Remember, however that TIME is a factor of your score, so do not make up shots unless you really need to do so. Any hits on a designated No-Shoot target will earn a penalty of minus 10. Any misses on a target you were required to shoot, will also earn a penalty of minus 10.

Speed shoots require the shooter to stay in one location. Speed shoots may be “Comstock scoring” in which additional shots are okay, but they may also be “Virginia Count scoring.” Listen to the “walk through” or ASK if you are not sure. Virginia Count means only the specified number of rounds may be fired without a penalty. A penalty of minus 10 points is assessed for any shots in excess of the stated rounds required for the course. To add insult to injury, if there is an extra hit on a target, there is an added penalty of minus 10 (for example, you made up a shot that you thought was a miss, but really already had enough hits on the target). For a new shooter, it is usually a good idea to not try and take extra shots on a Virginia Count stage.

A speed shoot may require one or more “Mandatory” reload(s). The procedural error is assessed at minus 10 points for each shot fired after failure to perform a required reload. Ouch. Virginia Count stages force the shooter to concentrate on accuracy and to pay close attention to the stage procedure.

Fixed Time Standards are another type of course you may see. The time frame in which the shots must be fired is established in advance. Fixed Time is also called Par Time. There is a Start signal & a Stop signal. There is a penalty of minus 5 for any shot fired after the stop signal, so listen carefully. Please note that whenever you have a fixed time stage, there is no HIT FACTOR listed on the score sheets. Your actual points will always equal the stage points. Standards Courses do not have to be FIXED TIME. They can also be Virginia Count. Always be sure what type of scoring method or timing is being used before you get to the line to shoot.