The scoring system for USPSA-IPSC matches can take a bit of time to understand. Save this page for future reference. Most stats people will be happy to explain your scores.

Stage Results are printed before a Final Match Result is posted. Just what do all those numbers mean? Points are based on how well you shot. For Major caliber: A’s are 5 points, B’s and C’s are 4points each, D’s are 2 points, and Misses or No-Shoots are minus 10 points. Oh, yes…any Procedural error will also cost you minus 10 points. For those shooters using Minor caliber (9mm or 38’s): B’s and C’s are 3 points and D’s are 1 point. All other point values for hits or penalties are the same.

To calculate HIT FACTOR, divide your points by the time. Hit Factor tells you how many points you are earning per second. If you took 30 seconds to shoot a 60 point stage, you have a hit factor of 2.000, and if someone else took 10 seconds to earn those same 60 points, his hit factor is 6.000.

Stage Percentage is calculated from Hit Factor. The competitor with the highest hit factor gets 100% for the stage, and the STAGE POINTS for the shooter with 100% will always be all the points available for that stage.

The Stage Winner is the shooter with the highest HIT FACTOR. All the other shooters are ranked below the stage winner, in order of HIT FACTOR. To get a Stage Percentage, your hit factor is divided by the highest hit factor for the stage. The total number of stage points that you earned for a stage are based on the total points available, multiplied by your stage percentage. Going back to the example above, your hit factor of 2.000 is 1/3 of the fellow who shot 6.000, so if he won the stage & got 100% (all 60 points), then you shot 33% of the leader, and earned 20 stage points.

Another example, a Stage is worth 100 points. You shot real carefully, but real slowly. You earned 100 points for the stage. The fellow who was first place for that stage only earned 80 points, but was fast. Once hit factors and stage percentages are calculated, you are at 50% for the stage, and the fast fellow is at 100%. The stage points will only award you 50 STAGE POINTS, (50% of 100) and the fast shooter gets 100 STAGE POINTS.

At the end of the match, we add up the stage points for every shooter, and get MATCH POINTS. The shooter with the most match points wins, and gets awarded a 100%. Your match point total is divided by the match winner’s total match points. This is how we calculate a total MATCH PERCENTAGE.

Again, please ask if you EVER do not understand the scoring system. The scorekeepers make mistakes too. We never have a problem if you want to see your score sheets, or request that the stage be recalculated. Your scorekeepers are shooters, too. We want you to get every point you have earned.