Ask the RO’s for help if you have any questions. They are there to help you. Always explain that you are rather new to the game, and have a few questions. Questions are preferred over the “know-it-all” attitude anytime.

In the beginning, try to shoot for accuracy. Your times will improve as you learn the rules, and become more comfortable with our sport.

Most shooters are happy to show off their guns, their gear, and discuss reloading.

Everyone is required to help with the match. At GGC we have ROs who are trained to run the timers, watch for safety violations, and assist shooters. ALWAYS listen to the RO. When you are not shooting, or the next up to shoot you are expected to help pick up brass and tape targets, and reset the stage. This is an all volunteer sport.

We want you to have fun, shoot safely, and join us again!